5 Actions that Unlock Your Power to Achieve Your Potential 
for female professionals, leaders & Entrepreneurs  
ready to silence self-doubt, take action toward their 
ambitions, and embrace their personal power     
May 17, Wed @ 3 PM EST
Can't make live? Recording available!
Presented by:
Dr. Anne Dranitsaris & 
Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard
May 17, Wed @ 3 PM EST
Can't make it live? Recording available!
Presented by:
Dr. Anne Dranitsaris & 
Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard

Featured in O Magazine
"Who Are You Meant To Be?", Article & Quiz

Top Article of 2009 that continues to be featured, shared and commented on how powerful the quiz is in supporting people to discover who they are meant to be 

Award Winning Book
"Power Past the Imposter Syndrome"

"I cannot recommend it enough! A game-changer - it's insightful, practical, and provides a blueprint for living authentically and free from the limitations of self-doubt!"

What You will take away...

Perfectionism and Procrastination are not your fault. There is nothing wrong with you for experiencing these symptoms. If you judge yourself as not ‘good enough’ or get stuck in the self-criticism loop, then these happen. To everyone.  

  • How your brain can fool you...even if you listen closely to your thoughts 
  • Simple actions you can take for fast results... even if nothing else has worked
  • The reason why therapists and coaches don’t show you how to "fix" Perfectionism & Procrastination 

While it gives you something to focus on in the moment, you are more likely to end up feeling overwhelmed, instead of powerful and confident. Your Perfectionism & Procrastination easily gets super-fueled and just as easily, can get down-shifted to a distant memory. 

  • What your brain truly needs (and, how easily you can give it!) 
  • Exact path to change the internal track to embrace your personal power now
  • How exploring the 'why' stops you from getting to the 'fixing it' you crave

Perfectionism and Procrastination, like other symptoms of the Imposter Syndrome, share a common driving force. When you understand what drives the behavior, and the actions to take, you fast-track your path to powering past it. 

  • The one thing no one talks about that keeps you stuck
  • How you have what you need to be powerful. . .even when you tell yourself you are powerless
  • Simple actions that everyone gets results from [even those who think it won’t work for them!] 

Can't attend live? No worries! Register anyway, as webinar is recorded and made available for you to revisit and benefit from at your convenience.

For those who attend the entire free Webinar, we are giving away a seat into a VIP training that our past clients have paid thousands of dollars for.
I really value their direct and structured approach – which is very different from traditional therapy. They don’t beat around the bush which helps me gain clarity so I can make meaningful changes in my life. With their help, I've made changes to my business and marriage that I didn't have the courage or understanding to make on my own. I highly recommend them to anyone feeling stuck, lost or in need of a push!

Katie from Alabama

They deeply understand the core of what drives people’s behavior no matter where they’re coming from. I haven't seen anyone else who can demonstrate that depth of insight or direct you on exactly what you need to do. If you work with Anne & Heather, you’ll arrive at conclusions that would take you far longer to reach by yourself, if at all. So the sooner you begin working with them, the sooner you'll get the results!

Danielle from Pennsylvania

I had spent over a decade trying to fix things on my own, with limited success, but they sized me up in the first 30 minutes. I don't really want to flail around trying to figure it out myself. The insights can be hard to hear but I don't care. I would way rather hear them and I really like having results faster. With insights into what the hell is going on that's been making my life so painful, I am excited to finally have someone who can help me!.

Pam from Toronto 

GET THE KEYS TO FREE YOURSELF FROM THE TRAP OF Perfectionism & Procrastination
  • Why you can’t just ‘get over it’ 
  • How perfectionism & procrastination keep you stuck 
  • Why traditional therapy and coaching don’t help  
  • ​5 Mistakes that stop you from breaking free of perfectionism and procrastination despite all of your effort, time, and money
  • The #1 Failsafe Strategy to get unstuck even if nothing else has worked 

Can't attend live? No worries! Register anyway, as webinar is recorded
and made available for you to revisit and benefit from at your convenience.

Dr. Anne Dranitsaris & Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard have worked with over 1,000 individuals and leaders world-wide, leveraging their expertise in the neuropsychology of human development to empower clients to live their best lives & become who they are meant to be.
Anne Dranitsaris, Ph.D.

Since 1978, Dr. Anne Dranitsaris has helped thousands of women and men as a highly respected clinical therapist, corporate therapist, and leadership development consultant. She is an internationally-recognized expert in the field of Personality Type, Imposter Syndrome, and Codependence. She has built an impressive body of work in behavioral change, leadership, and relationship development in organizations and private practice. Anne's expertise lies in her unique approach to helping clients work through issues caused by unconscious self-protective negative patterns of behavior, codependence, and Imposter Syndrome, to name a few. Her ability to quickly assess and get to the root of client issues and tailor individualized roadmaps sets her apart from other therapists and coaches. 

Her award-winning book "Power Past the Imposter Syndrome: A Brain-Building Framework for Changing Painful, Self-Limiting Beliefs and Habits of Mind" and the Power Past the Imposter Syndrome Program have profoundly impacted how women take hold of their authentic power in leadership, relationships, and their lives. 
Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard

Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard is a highly sought-after expert in the field of leadership and organizational dynamics and dysfunction. With 30 years of experience providing the leadership support necessary for changing behaviors and embedding the infrastructure that transforms organizational functioning and performance, Heather is considered at the top of her field as a leader of leaders and entrepreneurs, especially female leaders who suffer from the Imposter Syndrome. She has guided clients through dysfunction, chaos, and apathy, helping them achieve higher performance levels and realize their potential across personal, team, leader, and organizational domains. Her innate understanding of organizational and individual transition needs is unparalleled.

Heather's highly acclaimed book "So, You Think You Can Lead? A Guide to Developing Leadership Authority and Potential” is used as a textbook for training new and even seasoned leaders on how to lead with authority and is the basis for her Leading with Authority Program. 
Anne and Heather are the co-creators of the Striving Styles® Personality System, a brain-based approach to discovering and fulfilling your true potential.

Get started on your personal path to breaking free from the trap of Perfectionism and Procrastination.

Most people who attend this free webinar come because they have not yet solved the mystery of the Perfectionism & Procrastination trap they find themselves in. By joining us, you will take away proven and practical actions that you can implement immediately. 

You will learn how to unlock the mysteries of your brain and personality, and discover your inner treasures - your gifts, unique abilities, and potential. And, most importantly, you will start to release yourself from being stuck in the futile search for your fatal flaw in pursuit of perfectionism.

During the free webinar, we’ll reveal 3 secrets to the mystery of what keeps us stuck in a cycle of perfectionism, procrastination, self-doubt, and self-sabotage. These secrets are at the root of why self-help, therapy, coaching, and other approaches haven’t worked for you.
  • Secret #1: You’ve been focusing on the wrong thing
  • ​Secret #2: Your brain is lying to you (we’ll show you how)
  • ​Secret #3: Your fear of being an 'imposter' is actually a fear of something else...

In just 1-hour, you will...

  • gain the clarity you need on how to break free from the Perfectionism and Procrastination trap
  • take away simple strategies and actionable steps to power past Perfectionism and Procrastination
  • ​discover that you are not alone and isolated in this journey so you can get the support you need
  • ​start your personal journey from Imposter to POWERFUL  

PLUS if you stay to the end, you will have a chance to win a seat at our next VIP training...

Can't attend live? No worries! Register anyway, as 
webinar is recorded and made available for you
to revisit and benefit from at your convenience.

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